The Christine Spray Show

Ep014: Growing as One with Tom Ballou

October 12th, 2022

On this episode, our guest host David Spray talks to Tom Ballou, CEO of Ballou Fire Systems, a company headquartered in Houston, Texas, that serves commercial customers with their fire detection and suppression needs.

Tom acquired the business less than seven years ago and has led the company to a 10 X growth in both revenue and head count. He has a servant leader approach that really shines through in this interview and although the 10 X growth is impressive, what might be even more impressive is that they grew the head count by 15 times without ever advertising a single position.

This is due to a tremendous culture that Tom calls “done as one” that describes how the company aspires to work as a single team across all departments, allowing them to grow as one.

This episode will especially be useful to entrepreneurs who are forming or transforming their company cultures to not only benefit their employees, but their companies as a whole.


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