Jessie McMahon

Special guest

After working at various private and public corporations in a number of different industries, I found myself wanting to bring something different to the world of IT consulting and services: The highest level of technical expertise, but delivered with an unmatched level of customer service.

In today's world, no matter where we are, we've come to expect a quality customer service experience. Whether we are in the fast-food drive through, buying a new car, staying the weekend in a hotel, or in the market for a service provider, we want to be treated with respect and courtesy. We want these establishments to listen to our expectations, understand what we want, and deliver a product that matches our needs.

With this focus on superior customer service, M7 Services was formed. In today's market, there is no shortage of technical service providers, so we wanted to separate ourselves from the masses. Everyone at M7 Services, from the support staff, to the Network engineers, to your account manager are always going to be focused on the three crucial ingredients that help us provide the best customer experience: Quality. Service. Support.

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