The Christine Spray Show

Ep003: Accidental Overnight Success with Jessie McMahon

June 11th, 2021

Today on the Christine Spray Show, we're speaking with Jessie McMahon, founder and owner of M7 Services, a provider of IT services, support and security to the hospitality industry.

Jessie has a fascinating story of accidental success overnight and how he continued to grow throughout the US and world.

We dive into some of the reasons Jesse believes he became successful without a college education, instead, working his way up in the technology business for over 20 years, and how being asked to help out in a hotel one time led to him actually starting his business...a business that now has over a hundred employees serving the largest hospitality division around.

I really enjoyed hearing about how he built his company, what makes M7 Services successful and what really makes him such a powerful, yet humble CEO.


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Jessie McMahon