The Christine Spray Show

Ep009: First Venture to Seasoned Entrepreneur with Bart Peterschick

March 17th, 2022

Today, our guest host David Spray talks to Bart Peterschick, the owner and CEO of Humble Sign Company, which manufactures and installs all types of commercial signs in the Houston area and beyond.

In this episode, we get a peek into Bart's background and experiences, not only as a Marine but also how Bart purchased Humble Sign company in 2010 and how he's grown it 10-fold.

Bart is incredibly committed to his team and their culture, providing breakfast tacos every morning and striving to help them grow both personally and professionally.

He shares many insights and wraps up by talking about the advice he would give his 25-year-old self, as well as the advice he gives to every new entrepreneur. Bart's story is inspiring, and his wisdom is timeless whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or considering launching your first venture.


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