The Christine Spray Show

Ep008: Choosing Entrepreneurship with Gino Wickman

March 7th, 2022

Today on the Christine Spray Show, our guest host, David Spray, is speaking with Gino Wickman, Founder of the Entrepreneurial Operating System and author of many books, including Traction and Rocket Fuel.

In this episode, they discuss Gino's background and how he's impacting entrepreneurs through his latest book, Entrepreneurial Leap, which primarily focuses on people considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship and contains a wealth of ideas for existing entrepreneurs as well.

Gino shares some of the feedback he's received from these entrepreneurs, saying the book alone has helped reignite their passion for their businesses. This episode gives a great overview of the book's ideas and dozens of actionable insights.

Gino's passion for helping entrepreneurs is contagious and I recommend checking out the book at I've read the book and shared it with many people, and the website has many free supporting resources.


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