The Christine Spray Show

Ep005: NFL to Entrepreneurship with Terrence Murphy

July 23rd, 2021

Today on the Christine Spray Show, we're hosting Terrance Murphy, a household name to many people in Texas.

Terrence had an incredible football career at Texas A&M University and the NFL before a paralyzing neck injury cut his career short. He struggled with deep depression and credits his recovery to his faith, saying, 'God doesn't give us anything we can handle' and his mother's leadership lessons. Since then, he moved back to College Station to build a wildly successful group of companies as a real estate entrepreneur. Terrence continues to give God all the glory and often prays about his decisions, investments, and opportunities in business and life.

Terrence is a great example of someone who 'walks the talk,' and we appreciate the opportunity to walk in his shoes through our interview with him in life, family, business - and his new podcast, the Real Estate Entrepreneur with Terrence Murphy.

This is an incredible journey to listen to and be inspired by.


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