Hank Moore

Special guest

Hank Moore, Futurist and Corporate Strategist™, is the highest level of organizational adviser. He conducts Business Appraisals, Company Evaluations and Performance Reviews, Strategic Planning and Visioning. He is that credible second opinion and idea generator who has advised many of the most successful companies. He has a strong corporate and non-profit sector track record. He covers topics that one can only cover from having advised them over a long career:

He has spoken at seven Economic Summits and has presented Think Tanks for five U.S. Presidents. Hank's most recent topic: "Business Ethics and Lessons Still to Be Learned From the Corporate Scandals." Hank is one of the few who discusses this topic and has done so over the last 50 years.

Categories of Speaking Engagements:

Peter Drucker has described Hank Moore as "the Peter Drucker of the 21st Century." Drucker also called Moore's Business Tree™ the most original business model of the last 50 years. His business savvy, track record, body of knowledge, case studies and handout materials provide a more comprehensive package than any other business presenter.

Hank Moore is a Futurist and Corporate Strategist™, with his trademarked concept, The Business Tree™.

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